How to Use Mitutoyo Calipers

Electronic calipers, digital calipers, were created to replace conventional rulers, making measurement accurate and more efficient. Along with the development of technology, there are many brands of measuring devices that produce quality and competitive products, Mitutoyo measuring instruments is one of the brands that are trusted and used by many people. Thanks to its accuracy and design advantages.

As one of the measuring devices used in many measurement jobs, the Mitutoyo calipers are highly appreciated for their accuracy and price. However, to use the product so effectively and accurately, nobody knows. The article provides a way to use the Mitutoyo calipers or digital calipers that you may need. A digital vernier caliper is a versatile tool (measuring external dimensions, internal dimensions, depth measurements) with a wide range of sizes, relatively high accuracy, ease of use, low cost, etc.

There are many types of calipers, such as:

* Calipers: Display measurement results on an analog clock face.

* Digital calipers: Display measurement results on the electronic clock face.

* Mechanical calipers: Display results on the mechanical scale.

Here we introduce the best way to measure and store Mitutoyo electronic calipers or digital calipers:


  • Step 1: Dry and clean the measuring surface of the object that you will measure with a clean cloth (or soak with oil cleaning).
  • Step 2: Loosen the locking screws of the electronic caliper
  • Step 3: Dry and clean the lower right and left clamping jaws of the digital caliper with a clean cloth (or soak with cleaning oil).
  • Step 4: Dry and clean the upper and left clamping jaws of the electronic caliper with a clean cloth (or soak with cleaning oil)
  • Step 5: Slide the clamping function of the digital caliper fully closed and then press the ON button. If the reading is 0, then you can take the measurement. If the number on the dial is still not displayed as 0, then you need to clean the jaw until there is no dirt affecting the size.
  • Step 6: Move the slider to check if the LCD screen and all the buttons on the electronic calipers perform well

Start measuring:

When you play the measurement, do not touch the measuring surface of the object being measured and the measuring surface of the electronic scale with your hand as it may lead to inaccuracy due to sweat on your hands. You need to keep them clean during the measurement.

Before measuring objects, first of all, you need to press ON to start the digital calipers

1. Measure the electric calipers:

  • Step 1: Place the lower clamping function of the digital calipers on the outer parts of the product.
  • Step 2: Slide gently until both of the lower jaws are tightened against the outside surface of the product.
  • Step 3: Then read the number directly from the large LCD screen. As such, external measurements are made quickly.

2. Size inside the electronic calipers:

The method of taking internal measurements is similar to measuring from the outside. However, internal measurements with only the upper jaw of the digital calipers can handle this.

  • Step 1: When measuring the inside diameter of the object, you first need to insert the upper jaw into the hole.
  • Step 2: Slide so that the jaw is open until it fits into the hole completely.
  • Step 3: Then read the number directly.

3. Measurement of electronic vernier calipers steps:

It is essential that when you measure the levels of the digital calipers on the product, the product must be on a hard and flat surface.

  • Step 1: Place the tip of the electronic vernier caliper on the plane and make sure that the measurement steps are perpendicular to the plane.
  • Step 2: Clearly, the result will be displayed on the screen, which is the result of measuring the levels of the digital calipers.

4. Depth measurement of a digital caliper:

  • Step 1: Move the meter slider bar to insert the gauge depth into the object to be measured.

Note: the square should be placed with the inside of the object to be measured.

  • Step 2: Move the slider slightly until touching the fixed surface of the product.
  • Step 3: After that, read the results displayed directly on the LCD.

Instructions for maintenance and storage of electronic calipers or digital calipers

  • Never apply a voltage (such as etching a pen) on any part of the Mitutoyo digital calipers for fear of damaging the circuit.
  • Press ON / OFF to turn off the power when the caliper is not in use, remove the battery from the machine if the machine is not used for a long time.
  • For battery, if the display is not standard (digits flashing or not even displayed) shows that the battery is low. So you have to push the battery cover as the directional arrow and then replace it with a new one. Battery discharge action…) please contact the supplier.
  • In case of water entering the battery cover, open the lid immediately and blow into the battery cover at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C until it is dry.

In conclusion

The digital calipers, or vernier calipers, are a relatively accurate measuring instrument, used a lot and mainly in the mechanical engineering industry, plastic, wood, or aluminum and glass… For a professional engineer mechanics, the use and read the calipers that it is intuitive, but for many students due to the actual contact conditions or challenging access environment, inevitably, they do not understand in-depth on how to use an electronic caliper. Through this article, in addition to choosing for yourself the best digital caliper, I hope it will help you in your work as well as learn about its use and maintenance.

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