Distinguish common types of wet-dry shop vacuums

The vacuum cleaner, in addition to vacuuming the dirt on the floor, also helps remove dirt on curtains, stairs, balustrades, cupboards, or clean carpets and cushions, salons. On the market today, there are many different types of wet-dry shop vacuums distinguished by style, function, or component structure. For consumers to identify today’s article, I would like to offer some specific characteristics of each type of conventional vacuum cleaner. So you can easily choose the best wet-dry shop vacuum.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

If you want to vacuum light dust, books dust, freckles, dust at the altar, in high places, you should buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. It can use electricity or rechargeable batteries. These are compact, while their power is a bit weak, about 30 watts or more for instant cleaning whenever and wherever you need them. Especially in the most challenging places to clean like kitchens, dining tables with food debris scattered all over the floor or table. However, this type of wet-dry shop vacuum is not suitable for vacuuming floors and mattresses, sponge because of weak capacity, limiting the ability to clean dust.

Horizontal vacuum cleaner

Horizontal vacuum cleaners usually have standard suction with adjustable knobs to vacuum hard floors or carpets. Currently, there are also additional suction machines for cleaning high or hard-to-reach places, suction brushes for suction tasks between tables, chairs, TVs, etc. It is lightweight, flexible, and easy to move around the room. This is a good option if your home has both thick carpets and floors, crevices, nooks that are hard to reach and have lots of stairs. It is suitable for homes with more than 50% of the floor area is hard floors and can be transferred directly from carpet floors to hard surface floors. Lighter boxes and vertical tubes make them easy to clean upstairs and hard-to-reach places. Because of its compact size, the box format can be stored in many places where vertical form cannot.

Vertical vacuum cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner has a height adjustment system that allows them to clean carpets of different thicknesses. The built-in impact protection system helps protect your furniture from scratches due to immediate contact with a vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum is also very convenient to pull out and pull into the storage location. This will help you for faster cleaning more machines with larger suction heads are located so they can clean large areas faster. This machine has a motor located near the nozzle, and the nose has a rotating brush. So the dust is knocked out of the tile or thick carpet slots and vacuumed off the floor. The lower models are easier to clean under furniture, and models with extra brushes can wipe skirting.

A vacuum cleaner with a filter bag

The wet-dry shop vacuum has an easy-to-use suitcase because you only need to throw away the dirty bag. However, these replacement bags can be expensive and be careful with machines with older models that will not have widely available replacement bags. Traditional bag vacuums are generally cheaper than machines without pockets. Most computers have reusable bags. Some devices have more layers to filter dust better, and some have a dust cap that automatically closes when removed from the machine to prevent dust from escaping. This is a handy feature if you are an allergic person. Regular bag vacuums are more hygienic and less dirty when removing dirt than bagless vacuum cleaners. So it would help if you considered the inconvenience of replacing ordinary dust filters at a cost buy dust filter bags. It would be best if you chose a machine with as much suction power as possible to ensure effective cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner without filter bag

The bagless vacuum cleaner is increasingly popular because of its convenience compared to the old bag type. Different models work in different ways, but because it doesn’t have a pocket, it’s better to vacuum. Most wet-dry shop vacuums have plastic containers instead of bags, and the main advantage is that you never have to buy another dust bag. And you will never have to experience the inconvenience when vacuuming that all handbag. You may also prefer a machine with a washable filter because you do not need to buy a replacement filter. The downside of this type of device is that dumping the dust-out and cleaning the dust box can cause you to sneeze or be uncomfortable with the smell of dirt. However, if you are prone to allergies, you should choose a wet-dry shop vacuum with a self-closing bag.

With the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of vacuum cleaner, you should consider choosing the machine that suits your needs and health. If you are susceptible to dust allergies, you should select a wet-dry shop vacuum with separate dust and trash compartment and close it. To when you change it, you won’t breathe in the dust.

In conclusion

Above I have provided you with the type of vacuum cleaner as well as how to classify them on the market today. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each different purpose. But depending on the work of each person, you should choose for yourself the best wet-dry shop vacuum to ensure active service for your work.

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