Distinguish common types of wet-dry shop vacuums

The vacuum cleaner, in addition to vacuuming the dirt on the floor, also helps remove dirt on curtains, stairs, balustrades, cupboards, or clean carpets and cushions, salons. On the market today, there are many different types of wet-dry shop vacuums distinguished by style, function, or component structure. For consumers to identify today’s article, I would like to offer some specific characteristics of each type of conventional vacuum cleaner. So you can easily choose the best wet-dry shop vacuum.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

If you want to vacuum light dust, books dust, freckles, dust at the altar, in high places, you should buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. It can use electricity or rechargeable batteries. These are compact, while their power is a bit weak, about 30 watts or more for instant cleaning whenever and wherever you need them. Especially in the most challenging places to clean like kitchens, dining tables with food debris scattered all over the floor or table. However, this type of wet-dry shop vacuum is not suitable for vacuuming floors and mattresses, sponge because of weak capacity, limiting the ability to clean dust.

Horizontal vacuum cleaner

Horizontal vacuum cleaners usually have standard suction with adjustable knobs to vacuum hard floors or carpets. Currently, there are also additional suction machines for cleaning high or hard-to-reach places, suction brushes for suction tasks between tables, chairs, TVs, etc. It is lightweight, flexible, and easy to move around the room. This is a good option if your home has both thick carpets and floors, crevices, nooks that are hard to reach and have lots of stairs. It is suitable for homes with more than 50% of the floor area is hard floors and can be transferred directly from carpet floors to hard surface floors. Lighter boxes and vertical tubes make them easy to clean upstairs and hard-to-reach places. Because of its compact size, the box format can be stored in many places where vertical form cannot.

Vertical vacuum cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner has a height adjustment system that allows them to clean carpets of different thicknesses. The built-in impact protection system helps protect your furniture from scratches due to immediate contact with a vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum is also very convenient to pull out and pull into the storage location. This will help you for faster cleaning more machines with larger suction heads are located so they can clean large areas faster. This machine has a motor located near the nozzle, and the nose has a rotating brush. So the dust is knocked out of the tile or thick carpet slots and vacuumed off the floor. The lower models are easier to clean under furniture, and models with extra brushes can wipe skirting.

A vacuum cleaner with a filter bag

The wet-dry shop vacuum has an easy-to-use suitcase because you only need to throw away the dirty bag. However, these replacement bags can be expensive and be careful with machines with older models that will not have widely available replacement bags. Traditional bag vacuums are generally cheaper than machines without pockets. Most computers have reusable bags. Some devices have more layers to filter dust better, and some have a dust cap that automatically closes when removed from the machine to prevent dust from escaping. This is a handy feature if you are an allergic person. Regular bag vacuums are more hygienic and less dirty when removing dirt than bagless vacuum cleaners. So it would help if you considered the inconvenience of replacing ordinary dust filters at a cost buy dust filter bags. It would be best if you chose a machine with as much suction power as possible to ensure effective cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner without filter bag

The bagless vacuum cleaner is increasingly popular because of its convenience compared to the old bag type. Different models work in different ways, but because it doesn’t have a pocket, it’s better to vacuum. Most wet-dry shop vacuums have plastic containers instead of bags, and the main advantage is that you never have to buy another dust bag. And you will never have to experience the inconvenience when vacuuming that all handbag. You may also prefer a machine with a washable filter because you do not need to buy a replacement filter. The downside of this type of device is that dumping the dust-out and cleaning the dust box can cause you to sneeze or be uncomfortable with the smell of dirt. However, if you are prone to allergies, you should choose a wet-dry shop vacuum with a self-closing bag.

With the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of vacuum cleaner, you should consider choosing the machine that suits your needs and health. If you are susceptible to dust allergies, you should select a wet-dry shop vacuum with separate dust and trash compartment and close it. To when you change it, you won’t breathe in the dust.

In conclusion

Above I have provided you with the type of vacuum cleaner as well as how to classify them on the market today. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each different purpose. But depending on the work of each person, you should choose for yourself the best wet-dry shop vacuum to ensure active service for your work.

How to Use Mitutoyo Calipers

Electronic calipers, digital calipers, were created to replace conventional rulers, making measurement accurate and more efficient. Along with the development of technology, there are many brands of measuring devices that produce quality and competitive products, Mitutoyo measuring instruments is one of the brands that are trusted and used by many people. Thanks to its accuracy and design advantages.

As one of the measuring devices used in many measurement jobs, the Mitutoyo calipers are highly appreciated for their accuracy and price. However, to use the product so effectively and accurately, nobody knows. The article provides a way to use the Mitutoyo calipers or digital calipers that you may need. A digital vernier caliper is a versatile tool (measuring external dimensions, internal dimensions, depth measurements) with a wide range of sizes, relatively high accuracy, ease of use, low cost, etc.

There are many types of calipers, such as:

* Calipers: Display measurement results on an analog clock face.

* Digital calipers: Display measurement results on the electronic clock face.

* Mechanical calipers: Display results on the mechanical scale.

Here we introduce the best way to measure and store Mitutoyo electronic calipers or digital calipers:


  • Step 1: Dry and clean the measuring surface of the object that you will measure with a clean cloth (or soak with oil cleaning).
  • Step 2: Loosen the locking screws of the electronic caliper
  • Step 3: Dry and clean the lower right and left clamping jaws of the digital caliper with a clean cloth (or soak with cleaning oil).
  • Step 4: Dry and clean the upper and left clamping jaws of the electronic caliper with a clean cloth (or soak with cleaning oil)
  • Step 5: Slide the clamping function of the digital caliper fully closed and then press the ON button. If the reading is 0, then you can take the measurement. If the number on the dial is still not displayed as 0, then you need to clean the jaw until there is no dirt affecting the size.
  • Step 6: Move the slider to check if the LCD screen and all the buttons on the electronic calipers perform well

Start measuring:

When you play the measurement, do not touch the measuring surface of the object being measured and the measuring surface of the electronic scale with your hand as it may lead to inaccuracy due to sweat on your hands. You need to keep them clean during the measurement.

Before measuring objects, first of all, you need to press ON to start the digital calipers

1. Measure the electric calipers:

  • Step 1: Place the lower clamping function of the digital calipers on the outer parts of the product.
  • Step 2: Slide gently until both of the lower jaws are tightened against the outside surface of the product.
  • Step 3: Then read the number directly from the large LCD screen. As such, external measurements are made quickly.

2. Size inside the electronic calipers:

The method of taking internal measurements is similar to measuring from the outside. However, internal measurements with only the upper jaw of the digital calipers can handle this.

  • Step 1: When measuring the inside diameter of the object, you first need to insert the upper jaw into the hole.
  • Step 2: Slide so that the jaw is open until it fits into the hole completely.
  • Step 3: Then read the number directly.

3. Measurement of electronic vernier calipers steps:

It is essential that when you measure the levels of the digital calipers on the product, the product must be on a hard and flat surface.

  • Step 1: Place the tip of the electronic vernier caliper on the plane and make sure that the measurement steps are perpendicular to the plane.
  • Step 2: Clearly, the result will be displayed on the screen, which is the result of measuring the levels of the digital calipers.

4. Depth measurement of a digital caliper:

  • Step 1: Move the meter slider bar to insert the gauge depth into the object to be measured.

Note: the square should be placed with the inside of the object to be measured.

  • Step 2: Move the slider slightly until touching the fixed surface of the product.
  • Step 3: After that, read the results displayed directly on the LCD.

Instructions for maintenance and storage of electronic calipers or digital calipers

  • Never apply a voltage (such as etching a pen) on any part of the Mitutoyo digital calipers for fear of damaging the circuit.
  • Press ON / OFF to turn off the power when the caliper is not in use, remove the battery from the machine if the machine is not used for a long time.
  • For battery, if the display is not standard (digits flashing or not even displayed) shows that the battery is low. So you have to push the battery cover as the directional arrow and then replace it with a new one. Battery discharge action…) please contact the supplier.
  • In case of water entering the battery cover, open the lid immediately and blow into the battery cover at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C until it is dry.

In conclusion

The digital calipers, or vernier calipers, are a relatively accurate measuring instrument, used a lot and mainly in the mechanical engineering industry, plastic, wood, or aluminum and glass… For a professional engineer mechanics, the use and read the calipers that it is intuitive, but for many students due to the actual contact conditions or challenging access environment, inevitably, they do not understand in-depth on how to use an electronic caliper. Through this article, in addition to choosing for yourself the best digital caliper, I hope it will help you in your work as well as learn about its use and maintenance.

How to prune large trees

Your family has some pretty big trees.  You find that its branches are too large to take up all the other plants in your garden. Or you feel uncomfortable when their branches touch the roof of your home and make loud noises that keep you up at night. To solve this problem, you plan to hire a worker to cut the branches but when you know the price of their cutting, you have to give up. Does your house have the best pruning saw? Why don’t you cut the branches you want with it? Pruning saws are a commonly used tool. I’m sure you all have seen them somewhere already. It supports you to trim branches especially large branches efficiently and easily. However, using and cutting properly is not well known. If you are new, you will face even more challenges.

Understanding your concerns, in this article, I will show how to cut large trees easily and efficiently. If you’re just a beginner, you can easily do that. Are you curious? I don’t take much of your time anymore. Let’s start exploring.


Time suitable for pruning

Winter is the best season for tree pruning work (late winter is best). Why? Because as you know, winter is the time of deciduous trees. You can see the bad branches or touch your house. And in particular, when you’re done cutting. Then the season will come, the leaves and flowers will sprout and grow quickly, which will not accentuate your cut and lose the aesthetics of the tree.

How to pruning

Step 1: Locate the dead and bad branches that you want to cut. Locating dead branches is quite simple. On the outside, it will have a completely different color from the other branches. Moreover, in that branch, leaves or buds cannot grow. Besides, according to experts, the U-shaped limbs on the branches are healthy and should remain on the tree. You should only remove limbs with V-shaped branches.

Step 2: You start with the first cut. You use a pruning saw to cut from the underside of the branches upwards. The pruning saw is quite outstanding, ensuring that you can cut up to 18 inches deep easily and effortlessly. You should also note that for safety, you should wear some protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, … Moreover, If you are trimming on high branches, you need to use a ladder or zipper to ensure safety

Step 3: After the first cut, it’s time for your second cut. Make a second cut slightly further on the branch from the first cut. This time, you cut across the branch from above. Before making the final cut, you need to determine the position of the branch collar that is usually at the end of the branch that is close to the trunk. Be careful when trimming just outside the branch collar. Because, if not a little careful, you can mistakenly cut into other important parts of the nearby tree. Moreover, if the collar of the branch is intact after pruning, the cut will be more effectively sealed and the stem tissue may not decay.

Step 4: After cutting the branches at the top. Now it’s time for you to cut the branches under the tree where you have difficulty walking. Continue using the pruning saw to cut them.

Step 5: Note: You need to be aware that cleaning your saw with a dedicated disinfectant after you prune each tree to help prevent the spread of disease from tree to tree. That helps your saw to be used longer without rust and damage.

The specific steps are as follows:

First, you need to pour a small portion of the bleach solution into the water (remember to mix well). Then rub the mixture on the saw blade and let it stand for a few minutes. Follow that with a dishwashing detergent mixture and water. Finally, you need to clean the blade with clean water and wipe dry completely with a clean towel.

Common mistakes when pruning trees

Cut branches too short: Many gardeners have a habit of cutting branches to the stem of the tree. That should not be. As you know, the collar is responsible for forming scar tissue for the tree. This means it helps the tree grow and recover after each pruning. If you cut into the branch collar, the tree will take a long time to recover. When you see rotten holes in a tree trunk or ugly wounds that ruin the aesthetics of a tree, you will know how serious the consequences of a collar cut will be.

Impact of old branches: As I said above, the branch collar is supposed to help heal the cut. Of course, it only works on the branches that it covers and preserves it. Therefore, if a branch of your house is having problems like the first one is to cut off the collar. It will affect the restoration and healing of nearby branches. Therefore, you must be especially careful when cutting.

Failure to cut relief: If you do not make relief cuts and remove most of the weight of the limb before cutting branches near the trunk, your branches are at risk of splitting. This can make the wound on the trunk more susceptible to disease. And easily destroyed by insects. In particular, they will take longer to heal.

In conclusion

I have finished showing about how to trim a large branch and some common mistakes when cutting. Have you found the above information helpful to you? I hope they are useful and necessary for you.

Final notes I want to remind you. You should only cut about 25 percent of the branches per year. That helps the tree to balance. Besides, you should limit pruning of the upper branches because it is not only dangerous for the cutter but also worsens the aesthetic of the tree. Ultimately, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

Some types of the best woodworking dust masks for carpenters

Carpentry is one of the occupations that requires hard work, especially the meticulous and skillful at creating masterpieces, impressive works of art excellently made from wood. However, carpenters are also one of the professions that often possess the potential dangers affecting the health and life of people in the working phase. Therefore, it is incredibly urgent for these workers to equip labor protection devices.

Cambridge dust mask for woodworking

cambridge dust mask for woodworking
Cambridge dust mask for woodworking

A new science and technology product with the mission to protect human health from increasingly severe air pollution is curious by many people around the world. To ensure your health and safety, you should choose the best dust masks for wood processing. Cambridge mask is one of the best costumes for carpenters today. The product came out with high practical value, completely useful in the woodworking stages, the jobs using a circular saw, wood planer, paint sprayer.

  • This anti-pollution mask is manufactured using the most advanced technology in the world, including three-layer microparticle filtration technology. It can block dust as small as 0.3 microns, meeting N99 dust filtration standards.
  • The mask consists of 3 layers: the first layer is the elementary microfiltration filter layer, which filters particles of various sizes. The second layer will block even the small toxic particles of PM2.5 strain. And the final layer is a high-grade carbon filter layer, which makes 100% activated carbon nanoparticles of 2000 nanometer size.
  • Adjustable elastic cord to fit each person’s size. Besides the Cambridge mask, there are number sizes to choose from than some other covers.
  • This respirator has five sizes from XS to XL, divided by the user’s weight ranges from 6 to over 90kg. Therefore, this mask is not only suitable for carpenters but also for all ages to protect the respiratory system. The sizes vary according to the user’s weight, so you will easily find a product that fits the face better.

This mask comes after the Vogmask cover. However, the Cambridge mask has a trendy design, many colors, and beautiful designs. So you can confidently wear it everywhere, not just at work where there is a lot of sawdust-like a wood mill.

3M dust protection mask

3m dust protection mask
3m dust protection mask

Compared to many covers on the market today, 3M covers are probably the name that is more familiar to everyone. 3M costumes are available in many countries, especially in countries with substantial industrial and chemical industries.

3M respirator products meet N95 standards and above and meet all criteria of an international quality mask. However, 3M masks can only use for a few days.

  • 3M dust masks for woodworking are designed to cover the face, not creating gaps to protect the respiratory system of workers during work or in traffic with lots of smoke and dust. It helps increase work efficiency, prolonging labor time.
  • Material: the 3M mask is made from non-woven fabric, with an activated carbon layer with 100% carbon material tightly pressed in the structure.
  • The ability of 3M covers to reach up to 99% of bacteria, tiny particles.
  • Design: the 3M mask is manufactured using modern technology. It has a one-way breathing valve design that helps users still feel comfortable to wear, gentle when breathing, does not cause discomfort, secretive breathing. In particular, 3M masks are convenient to use for a long time.
  • Uses: 3M dust mask for woodworking protects the health of users, against smoke, filter out pollutants in the environment. It helps users peace of mind to work, creating high work efficiency.
  • Application: 3M masks widely use in many fields. Some industries often need to wear protective masks: chemical production environment, petrochemical industry, agriculture, dust, inorganic steam, grinding, packaging, sanding, cutting, carpentry, etc.

Pitta mask

pitta mask
pitta mask

You can see the cool idols, even wearing a mask that covers their faces, is still fresh as usual. I have to say again that the type of costumes that icons often use is also different from the brands that ordinary people use. It does not make with a flower-print-and-wash patterned fabric, nor a bluish-white medical mask that gave the hospital a feeling. The costumes used by idols often have a mysterious black color with a modern, luxurious trophy design. Rest assured, since you don’t need to be an idol; you can still buy this type of mask. In particular, you do not need to be an idol to purchase and use this dust mask.

Arax (Japan) Pitta mask designs with many advantages and outstanding features. It is suitable for everyone, including carpenters.

  • Pitta mask provides a different user experience. This mask makes of Polyurethane (PU) – a plastic that has good elasticity, durability, is waterproof and is widely used in many different fields and industries, including in fashion. Besides, this product designs without seam, the edges and straps are cut neatly.
  • PU material also makes the mask soft, smooth, not wrinkled when worn, and stored, so it does not lose forms during use. This mask is available in two colors, black and white, of which black uses more commonly for aesthetics.
  • This mask has no frame but has a delicate shape, covering the face just enough, not getting air through the gaps in the nose folds like many other masks. The mair created in the nose is also wide enough to make breathing easier. Part of it is probably because the material of this mask is quite fragile, so breathing is very comfortable. With this feature, the Pitta mask is exceptionally suitable for carpenters and woodworking people because these jobs often have to handle the wood chips created by the stages. Also, this mask has the advantage of not causing moisture from the exhaled air to blur the glass. It is a plus for people who have the habit of wearing protective eyeglasses to go out or nearsighted or those who work with protective goggles.
  • Besides, Pitta masks advertise as non-cosmetic. It is one of the factors that make women love and trust.

In conclusion

In labor, you cannot control the circumstances that occur. As well as managing your breathing to avoid inhaling toxic substances or dirt from the environment and daily work created. Therefore, to protect your respiratory system, you should equip yourself with the best woodworking dust mask. It will be your companion and preserve your health. Hopefully, with the three types of covers above, you will find yourself a model of a safe and suitable mask for you.